Thursday, March 2, 2017

Create an Abstract Art Journal - Creative Team with Kristin Van Valkenburgh

"What goes on in abstract art is the proclaiming of aesthetic principles ... It is in our own time that we have become aware of pure aesthetic considerations. Art never can be imitation. • - Hans Hofmann

It’s Creative Team Thursday!  I hope this finds you happy & well!

I've been on a bi t of an abstract kick lately: the idea of working with form and color, without the necessity of a focal image or specific message, has freed me in a way I haven't felt in quite a while ...

It began with a trip I recently took where (unlike my usual schlep of a hundred supplies), I limited myself to just a few pens and washi rolls, one fabulous stencil, a small bottle of gesso and a tin of watercolor paints. My only other companion was an old art journal that I dug out of the bowls of my studio for the purpose.

Although I didn't start out with the idea of "Abstract Art Journaling," as I allowed myself to just play with pools of color and shimmer, I found myself feeling really inspired. Thing is, like most of us, my head is constantly swimming with artsy projects, plans, and ideas. And when I sit to create, I dig into one of those projects, plans or ideas and go with that - instead of just having fun anymore. But that all changed when I rediscovered the joy of letting go and just being with my journal. Splashes of bright color, tiny pieces of tape, and little bits of stamps and stenciling became bigger and more important that they would have before. And the color white became the central focus, highlighted by small moments of happy around it.

Here's a quick video on YouTube so you can see how I created these art journal pages.

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A childhood obsession with Hollywood starlets led to an early life in the theater, where Kristin Van Valkenburgh spent many happy days on set and behind the scenes as both an actress and makeup artist for the stage. Kristin has a passion for all things mixed media and loves to create whimsical pieces with lots of layers, bright, poppy colors, big eyes and positive affirmations. Her work has been featured in numerous Stampington publications including Somerset Studio, SomersetStudio Gallery, Somerset Life, Somerset Apprentice, Artists’ Cafe and Art Journaling.  

You can find Kristin on her blogYouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

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  1. I adore this ethereal, abstract page. What an inspiration to delve into my washi tape stash! How great to see the same stencil and stamps used with different media - gesso, pan pastel, ink, gel pens, and mica to create different effects and a cohesive art journal spread! Gorgeousness!!!

  2. Totally fun pages Kristin!! Love love your colors and the playful way you did this spread!
    Jackie ")

  3. Beautiful Work Kristin, loved your page!!!

  4. I love this, such a change to see a different approach to journal play.


If you are entering a GIVEAWAY, please add your email address in the event we need to contact you.

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jessicasporndesigns (at) gmail (dot) com

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