Monday, March 11, 2013

Judaica With My Gelli Plate

Probably my favorite thing to do with the gelli plate is to make lots of papers and then collage with them.  I used my gelli prints to make this design for Rosh Hashanah:

And this one for Hanuukah:

I've been super-busy getting ready for the upcoming Surface and Textile Design Show (SURTEX) happening in May at the Javits Center.  It's funny to think of how that world and the mixed media world don't overlap that much.  I'm hoping to bridge the gap with these two designs! 

Linking to the Gelli Plate Party going on at Carolyn Dube's blog.

And REMEMBER - Thursday is another Stencil Test Drive, featuring the Retro Flowers and Circles Stencil and the beautiful art of Michelle Rydell, Natasha May, and Maria McGuire

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  1. Jessica this is great art work.
    my fav is the first one, really brilliant, love it.
    lovely greet

  2. Quite the festive mennorah. I love to do that with gelli printed papers too, so many possibilites and you have demonstrated them nicely. xox

  3. knock me over- these are stunning! Especially drawn to your Festival of Lights- I do love bright bold colors! These will absolutely blow their minds! So glad you shared what you can do with a Gelli print with the party!

  4. such festive and beautiful projects Jessica-love all the bright colors!!

  5. These backgrounds are just yummy. It's IS really amazing the backgrounds you can create and what you did with them... always. The way the blues blend down into the golds. Perfection.

  6. How beautiful these are! Smiling imagining all the happy homes that will have that Menorah come Hanukah!

  7. These are so beautiful and professional looking...could be the international seal on a stamp! Just stunning!

  8. These are two AWESOME uses for your Gelli prints--I imagine these would make incredible prints to sell!

  9. I love both of these, the Rosh HaShana piece is exquisite! That will sell in your Judiaca shop for sure!!!! So will the Chanukah piece, but are different styles and the top one, oh my goodness, so beautiful. Hag Semach for Passover!


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