Thursday, February 23, 2017

How to: Seasonal Art Journal Page - Creative Team Thursday with Karen Gaunt

Hello everyone! It’s Karen here again for another creative team post for Jessica! A snippet of a song heard when I was out shopping inspired this month’s project. It’s often the way with me, my muse strikes me at the strangest of times!

I’m using The Byrds song “Turn Turn Turn” as inspiration for this seasonal page. I think we are all dreaming of the change in the seasons at this time of the year so it is certainly on my mind just now.

The following stencils and stamps from Jessica Sporn Designs were used to create this art journal page:

I’ve made a video of my process below so I hope you enjoy watching!

Karen Gaunt is a mixed media artist with a passion for color and a soft spot for paint. She works in a regular job full time and daydreams all day about the moment she can let loose in her journals in the evening. She's a mother as well and loves nothing more than creating with her daughter in their matching art journals. Karen believes that making Art is for everyone and loves to encourage and inspire others to make. She enjoys trying new techniques and colors and believes that there is no such thing as too many art journals.  Visit her at her blog and on Instagram.

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