Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Call Your Angel

Months ago,  I used a piece of watercolor paper (that was already color-washed with a pale blue) to clean off my gelli plate.  I wasn't trying to make a print -- I was just trying to pull of any bits of remaining paint.  I used the paper to experiment with dragging glass bead gel tinted with white paint through my starry night stencil.  And then I put the paper to the side.

If you read my last post, you know that I've been dealing with various conflicts in my life -- none of which I am specifically involved in, but in which I am somewhat of a sounding board.  I'm not sure what the karma is for this -- probably gossiping about others, which of course I have done in the past.   As much as I try to view this tumultuous time as bad karma burning away, it's been getting me down...  So I was grateful when I was going through the piles of paper in my studio and came upon this gelli print.  Suddenly, the image in the middle looked like an angel!

 I coaxed her out, and her presence soothed me!

"Sometimes we need an Angel.  Ask, and she will come to you."

Angels have been coming to me -- in the shape of my friends, family, and random people who smile at me when our paths cross.  An angel came to me in the form of a commenter on my last post!  When I visited her blog, I saw that she has started leaving ATC sized cards in random places, hoping they will cheer whoever finds them.  I'm going to start doing this!  What a great idea.

And speaking of angel friends, if you don't already know about it, Carolyn Dube's online gelli print class is starting next week.  Make sure to check it out.  Carolyn is the Queen of Gelli - and creative, funny, disarming and supportive to boot.

Thank you for visiting! I read and treasure every comment and will answer any questions as quickly as I can.


  1. I totally agree with you about calling angels for help :). I do this all the time and thank them as I go along :). Sending you much love to help you work things out :). LOVE LOVE your angel here, she is so sweet. I like this new idea of spreading love to the world. I heard if you just write the word LOVE in the air with your fingers, it'll help raise high vibration to the surrounding area and bring joy & peace to whom ever or what ever you pointed at too. We can only try and hope for the best, right?. HUGS.

  2. What an amazing painting I can totally see the angel in your before photo - I believe that when we need them most, our angels appear in some shape of form. I hope your conflicts resolve them selves soon.

    (P.S. Thanks for leaving such a lovely comment on my PPF painting - I am a little late in visiting everyones blogs this week, but I wanted to say how much I appreciated you popping by x)

  3. This is beautiful, Jessica! Love the idea and the colors.

  4. Glad your angel found you. Ahimsa right? Non-harming, isn't the word we need to keep in mind? Well, maybe you are in the middle because you are the fulcrum and all those around you need a balance point......now you have that angel sitting firmly on your shoulder to keep you surrounded in her pale blue light! xox

  5. What a beautiful Angel and right when you needed her too. How special!!! Great page! I hope you can find peace in all the madness around you. :)

  6. A calming and beautiful page, Jessica. I love angels and so glad you brought yours to you. She will help you. I'm sure others look at you as their angels in some ways. I will use an angel in my stencil work this week in honor or you and your angel. See, you just gave me inspiration. I hope you are feeling better. Thinking of you.

  7. This angel definitely came to you with love.What a really beautiful piece Jessica. Be assured she is with you and guiding you thru this time.

  8. Love your Angel Pic, a very lovely piece of artwork xxx May she always sit on your shoulder, bless you and smile. x

  9. Dear Jessica,

    I'm a blubbering mess. Thank-you for sharing my little idea on your page. I'm feeling very fan girlish right now. Here's to angels in everyday life, and you my dear are one!

    Heather over at Kookaburra Laughing

  10. she is amazing Jessica!

    You asked me how I made my golden texture on my altered book page..

    you have to mix clear molding paste with golden Acrylics...voila!

  11. Jessica, I love your angel. She's very soothing.

    You might check out the facebook group ... Art Abandonment. It's a group of artists that leave art to be found.

  12. Such a beautiful created background! Love your angel - and the message.
    Hope the conflict is resolved soon.

  13. Wow, it took me all day to get Blogger to let me leave a comment there.

    I wanted to tell you that your art is very Marc Chagall like! I adore how the angel 'came into being', just when you needed her most, and HOW she evolved out of the mist of the background.

    Also how you transformed all the faces in the previous post with your emotions playing a huge part.

    hugs, Lynn

  14. It does look like an Angel...so cool...just when you need one! Strange how that works! She is beautiful and so are you! You open yourself up and we all appreciate that! I hope this yuckiness clears soon!

  15. YES! We all need angels. She is beautiful and I see her bringing peace all around her :)

  16. I'm so glad there was time and space for this angel to appear. She is beautiful and so are YOU. Sorry to hear there's been agita of late. Hope it's all passed by now.

  17. How I love it, when those little beauties emerge right out of time and space! Your angel looks so kind and wisely ;) So cool how you did the framing with those textured stars and stuff!! xox Conny


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