Thursday, January 10, 2013

Starry Night Stencil Test Drive & Giveaway!

Welcome to the Starry Night Stencil Test Drive & Giveaway, featuring: Natasha May, Maggie NemetzJudy Shea and Revlie Schuit!

Starry Night is one of my favorite stencils - I cannot tell a lie!  There's something about it that is versatile, mystical and happy.  Here are the different ways I used it!
Gesso Resist:
Our first prompt for Lifebook 2013 was to create our own fairy artmother.   In my art journal, I sketched out the area where I wanted my lovely fairy to be, and then stenciled around her with the Starry Night stencil (using a cosmetic sponge) and gesso. When I painted the background with watercolor, the gesso resisted the watercolor, while the watercolor pigments soaked into the rest of my paper.  Cool! I could have lifted even more watercolor off of the gesso by dabbing the still wet page with a baby wipe, but I wanted the stencil to look cloudy and a part of the background.

This fairy will be reminding me throughout 2013 to embrace my work, embrace the process, and embrace my instincts!  (In case you didn't know, my word for 2013 is "Embrace!")  She's also going to visit Art Journal Journey, whose prompt this month is crowns!

Glass Bead Resist:
Next, I scraped  Golden Acrylics Glass Bead Gel across the stencil with a palette knife.  (Make sure you wash off your stencil immediately if you try this so that the little glass beads don't harden on the stencil.)

I left it overnight to dry, and woke up to sparkly, raised texture -- super cool!   I also used a clear  Sakura glaze pen to doodle some additional spirals - I wanted to see how this worked as a resist as well.

When I painted my background, I dabbed all the gelled areas with a baby wipe.  As you can see, even where there are no glass beads, the gel created a resist (as did my Glaze pen)!  Happiness.  Here's my finished page.  The text is from a sofa ad.  I like the question:  

Is it gravity or attraction that keeps me here? 
How often do we stay with something just out of inertia, habit, or because gravity keeps us there?  Pretty often, I think.  No more!  I want to embrace what I do with my full commitment and energy!  If I can't, it's time to get off the couch and shake things up a bit!  I think this is a good question to ask myself periodically, and I wanted to remember it in my journal. 
Starry Night Stencil Meets the Gelli Plate Meets a Giveaway!
All last week I "attended" Carolyn Dube's Gelli Plate Party.  I had lots of fun experimenting with my stencils and the Gelli Plate!  Here are close ups of three of my favorite prints using the Starry Night Stencil!

On Sunday I was at Seth Apter's 52 Pick up class.  Here are the backgrounds of some of the cards I made using the Starry Night Stencil:

Using the stencil over and under other textures and rubbing Golden fluid acrylics mixed with glazing medium on top, created some gorgeous colors and effects.

Remember the four cards I showed in Monday's post?   They are these four cards with collage on top!  Tell me which one you like best in the comments, and two people will be randomly chosen for two cards each!

UPDATE:  The winners are: Judy Shea for the Adore and Soul cards, and Bunco Buddy for Flight and Simply.  
I hope I've given you some good ideas for how to use the Starry Night Stencil!  

Please check out the amazing work done by Natasha May, Maggie Nemetz, Judy Shea and Revlie Schuit!
And make sure to let me know which of these ATCs you like the best -- adore, simply, soul or flight, for a chance to win two of them!

Thank you for visiting! I read and treasure every comment and will answer any questions as quickly as I can. 

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The winner of my Rain stencil is Patsy!  Congratulations!  Patsy, send your snail mail address to jessicabethsporn (at) gmail (dot) com and I will get it right out to you!

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  1. This is just a perfect stencil for a starry night background. :) I love that big star with whirls inside. Thanks for letting me test drive it. :) I love your cards¨!

  2. Great stencil, great work, and thanks for sharing your process!!

  3. Each one of your creations is amazing! I especially love the glass bead resist. I have a jar of glass bead gel somewhere and I'm definitely going to try it.
    ~ Maggie

  4. Fantastic....each project, and I always feel so happy when I am here reading your posts, there is a joy that exudes from your work that is so palpable. xox

  5. I love that stencil!!! I saw your Fairy Art Mother in the Project Life Flickr group, and immediately feel in love with your background. Now, I must get one, and try it with the glass beads!

  6. I love your little fairy AND that stencil.

  7. Oh my, Jessica.. I must try the glass bead gel. I want to jump to your art. I love the star and the moon cards. Seth's cards are delish. Another great stencil drive. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  8. awww those wonderful pieces... I come from Natasha, because she is doing the test drive with your wonderful stencils...and what do I see, your wonderful angel "embrace" so cute he is :) it would fit nicely to the Art Journal Journey this week which calls for crowns ;) greez from Conny

  9. what a delightfully fun and very versatile stencil!!!Your fiary and girl are so full of "happy"-love em. If I had to pick just one card it's the "soul" card. I love the word and symbolism, along with some color. Thanks for the chance to own it and also for a chnce to win the stencil-keep going Jessica!!

  10. Wonderful stencil and art made with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Forgot to say that the 2 atcs I like best are 'flight' and 'adore'!!!!

  12. thank you so much for inviting me to play Jessica. your stencils are gorgeous & fabulous to work with!!

  13. "Adore" and "Flight" are my two favorites, but love them all.

  14. Love the glass bead gel in your beautiful stencil! Such fabulous pages. Off to see the others!

  15. That Starry Night Stencil is great. i think I need one!
    I really like all four of the cards but my favorite is the one with the big star on it.

  16. It was a great class Jessica. Especially love the card with the bird in flight.

  17. Second card is soul. I would like to try gelli printing. I saw a set at Blick's any tips on paints? Or helpful tips?

    1. Hi Isolina! So happy to see you here. Carolyn Dube had a great series on her blog about the gelli plate. The first week of January, she hosted a gelli plate party on her blog. Every day for 7 days, she posted tutorial videos. They are really great! I use all different types of acrylic paints on the plate. I'm partial to the fluids. Carolyn recommends Amsterdam. All her gelli plate posts are here:

  18. This is such a magnificent stencil! I am in love with the bead gel with your stencil- the way the colors work with that is fabulous!

  19. I can't pick just two! I love them all. But I always favor things with birds, so I guess those two. The backgrounds are fab! I am going to try out the glass beads. I used your Starry Night stencil in my batch of Gelli prints last night and just posted them.

  20. I find that Soul and Flight speak to me the loudest.
    YOur fairy is darn sweet. Your stencils are fine, especially Starry Night. I wish it were mine. :)

  21. wow loving all your terrific makes on here, x

  22. So happy to find your blog Jessica and be your newest follower. I love your artwork and this is a great stencil too. TFS!

  23. Oh oh oh...I love it...I need it! It's so Pablo Picasso! I must have it! Kudos to you! These inspirational pieces are fabulous as well...yummy color!

  24. Oh my gosh! This is sooo wonderful Jessica!
    I really love it that you are with us on our Journey over on
    Thank you Jessiac!

    a big hug from

  25. LOVE this, the stencil is fabulous and the bead resist so very cool! Happy PPF!

  26. Really cool glass bead resist thanks for sharing with SMWYG!

  27. Back to say.........Happy PPF, Annette x

  28. This is my favorite stencil too! I Love Love Love how magical it is!

  29. Lovely creations ~ lovely colors and textures ~

    A Creative Harbor) aka ArtMuseDog and Carol ^_^

  30. hi dear! dindt knew you but i feel in love with your purposes!
    hope you will also like mine, today my blog makes to months :)

    i thinks your blog is too much! keep like this!
    hope we could follow each other. wish you the best for this 2013!
    loads of love

    Male's Clutch

  31. Jessica, I love that texture you created with the Golden Acrylics Glass Bead Gel across the stencil! Wow!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  32. I love your fairy art mother she is so whimsical and fun!! Third one I've seen so far! Love them all....

    Hugs Giggles

  33. The backgrounds are fantastic!And rthe fairy is so cute and whimsical ...
    Happy PPF

  34. I adore all of your art Jessica so I'll choose adore as a favorite! I like that big Jewish star in the night sky!
    The gal at top with starry night stencil is adorable too! HPPF!

  35. Beautiful, rich, sweet pieces, that stencil is amazing, beautiful! HPPF!

  36. Just LOVE this stencil-especailly what you did with the glass beads. I love that stuff! It is the perfect addition to your fairy! As a matter of fact, even though my fairy is done, I might have to get this stencil and add some extra touches to my fairy :)

  37. wow, i am learning lot here... so many techniques to try and get excited about! thnks for sharing.

  38. WOW!! I love the stencil, colors and exploring you did! Your cards are stellar! Thanks for sharing you've inspired me!

  39. what a gorgeous stencil and i adore how you used it
    fab creation and gorgeous colours
    thanks for joining in at MIM and good luck
    tracey x

  40. Those starry backgrounds are fantastic! I love all of them!

  41. I adore the Adore card. They're all fabulous and now I need to get one of those stencils! Thanks for the inspiration.

  42. Love your paintings (I am doing LB 2013 as well - loving it so far). I never even thought about glass bead gel through stencils - will have to try it!

  43. Very cool stencil - love what you did with it!

  44. What a fabulous stencil -can see it being used loads of times! Singing the Starry, starry night song as I type LOL! Chrisx


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