Saturday, June 2, 2012

Little Girls with Big Plans

Today's Scrapping the Music Challenge #200A is based on Whole Wide World by Mindy Gledhill.  I've never heard of her, but I loved the song and the lyrics.

1.  I started out with paper I had used to catch spray ink from another project.  It already had some nice designs on it. 

2.  I glued on a bunch of tags that I had painted and stamped to use up leftover paint from another day.  At this point, I was thinking of the lyrics: I'm gonna run right up this hill.

3.  To integrate the tags, I used Balzer Designs' blazonry and punchinella stencils. 

4.  I had on my desk a picture of my two daughters hugging at Mariel's high school graduation, and decided to use it.  So I cut and pasted a bunch of pictures of Mariel and Samy and surrounded them with parts of the photo of Samy in the tunnel.  The blue looked so great with the background.

5.  I hand painted the lyric: "little girls with great big plans," thinking it was ok to make it about two girls, instead of just one!  Both Mariel and Samy are so amazing.  They warm my heart every day.

I'm so happy with this and, as always, grateful for the challenge and the exposure to a great song I might not have otherwise heard of.

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  1. Such an amazingly gorgeous page! It is a beautiful work of art! The girls you featured on this page will absolutely LOVE this. Thanks for playing along with us at Scrapping the Music!

  2. Wow I love this! Your "leftover" paper makes a beautiful background, and the collage of photos is perfect for the song! Thanks for playing along with us at STM!

  3. Beautiful! I love the stenciling and that blue...those swirls/circles...gorgeous!

  4. oh sisters!!! its so cool that you were able to recycle your scraps! all the more reason to NOT throw anything away, right?! LOL! a super piece!

  5. Waste not, Want not!! Love that you used "leftovers" for your project! Sometimes I find I appreciate what I've made so much MORE when I use my own leftovers!.. And who would know? This page came out BEAUTIFUL! ~tina


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