Monday, June 25, 2012


I was away at our summer place this weekend.  Of course, I had to pack an enormous bag of art supplies to take with me.  Somehow, I don't feel complete unless I'm carrying my journal around with me everywhere -- even if I don't write in it.  I just have to have it near...

The Run With Scissor's prompt for Friday, June 23 was "free choice."  On Thursday, I was at our town pool and watched a bunch of little girls playing mermaid.  This was one of my favorite games as a kid.  I had really long hair, and loved to swish it around under water and pretend that my two legs were one fish tail.  My friend Margie and I used to have contests to see who could stay under water longest. (Margie was the best!)  So I decided to paint up this mermaid in honor of all the girls out there, swishing their hair and pretending to have fish tails!  I'm going to link her up to Paint Party Friday and Creative Everyday as well because I like this gal. Her saying:  Don't wait for your ship to come in.  Swim out to it!

Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's post today was about 5 things you know are true.  Her 5 things were all about art, but they made me think about what I know to be true in life.  And then, as the universe would have it, RWS's day 24 prompt was to make a top 10 list.  Janel made a beautiful journal entry about Gandhi.  I reacted to this by thinking more about all the wisdom I know to be true. Some of it is from my parents, some of it is from books I've read and teachings from wise people.  But here's a list -- in no particular order:

1.  you can always find something beautiful to see and nice to say. 
2.  things seem very different after a good night's sleep.
3.  even the most difficult soil can yield a beautiful garden if you cultivate it.  (this is directly inspired by my mother, who refuses to let rocky, hilly soil intimidate her.  It's also a really nice metaphor.)
4.  everything you learn, and every effort you make, has a purpose.  (this is inspired by "The Phantom Tollbooth" -- one of my all time favorite books.)
5.  kindness really matters.
6.  if you can do something about it, why get upset?  and if you can't do anything about it, why get upset?
7.  you will be happy if you can forgive for the past and be grateful for the present. 
8.  whatever you decide to do in life, find a way to make the world a kinder, more beautiful place.  (Inspired by a great children's book - Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney.)
9.  Every person wants to be loved and happy.  In this way, we all have something in common.
10.  Sooner or later, you will reap what you sow.

After making this list, I wasn't sure what the art should be.  Luckily, today's Diva challenge was to be inspired by your home.  What I love best about my home is my garden, and so I tried to be inspired by my roses and other flowers in this piece.  I colored it with the beautiful palate inspired by the ice cream flavor "Baseball Nut" -- rasberry, vanilla and cashew nut.  (I'm not sure what this has to do with baseball -- perhaps only Baskin & Robbins knows for sure -- but thank you to Summer of Color for suggesting the color scheme.)  Then I journaled my list around it, and am linking it up there and at Inspire Me Monday as well.  

Thank you for visiting! If you are so moved, please leave a comment. Hearing from you means the world to me.


  1. Lovely, lovely garden! I love the use of patterns that bring your garden to this challenge!

  2. Every bit of this post is beautiful. Your garden inspired ZIA is delightful.

  3. Loving both your awesome pages. Happy Summer of Color, Annette x

  4. Very pretty pages - such a lot of intricate work - just beautiful.

  5. I love your 'Remember List' and your delightful pages.

  6. Lovely creative pages ~ lots of creative expression ~ Wonderful! ~ thanks, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

  7. Looks like greeting cards I would like to buy! Excellent work!!

  8. WOW. I LOVE both art journal pages!. My favorite is the second one with so many intricate doodle designs on it. Lovely words of wisdom as well. I believe we all can help make this world a better place, like the other day I just smiled at a random stranger passing by and it made me feel so much lighter and happier! Hugs.

  9. Beautiful both of them. Cool pages and very special.
    lovely greet

  10. How beautiful! I love the flower in the middle:)

  11. Beautiful art work and words.

  12. Where to start!

    I loved your list.... I read the Phantom Tollbooth with my son when he was little. We both loved it!

    I love both your beautiful pieces of art..... such a great quote with the mermaid and 'Remember' really is a work of art!


  13. Fantastic art! Your list really hit home for me on so many levels- thanks for the reminder!

  14. What a wonderful enlightening post,Jessica. I love hearing about playing mermaid with your friend. I also do the Diva and you captured your garden so beautifully. I will do my challenge today. What do you use to color your ZIA? I have colored pencils and a few colored markers, but some colors seem too harsh. I really enjoyed your life lessons, too.

    1. Hi Gloria - thanks for your kind words. For this design, I used watercolor pencils. Sometimes I use watercolors which I dilute a lot. I look forward to seeing your tangle!

  15. Beautiful journal pages and such inspiring words of wisdom. You've captured your garden beautifully.

  16. BEAUTIFUL artwork! Love the journalling.

    See you next week!

  17. I love your art journal pagea and just like you, I ALWAYS travel with art supplies. I also agree with your 10 reflections, which if we all followed, we'd have a better world. Blessings!

  18. I love both of your pages, and I think the mermaid is my favorite...just love those colors! But, on second thought, the rose is gorgeous, and I love the way you've incorporated your 10 truths into the page. Both are wonderful!

    Thank you for playing with us at Inspiration Avenue this week!

  19. Beautiful journaling - I'm only just starting to travel with any art supplies, then I have to get used to bringing them out and using them around others..... baby steps! visiting from IA

  20. What journaling is all about, doing what you love. Both your pages shine! To pick one over the other would be difficult. Very creative and nicely done. Love the colors and the detail!
    Thanks for sharing!


  21. I adore both of your pages..hard to pick a favourite! Of course I played mermaid too and I didn't even have very long hair. But your list is lovely and I am quite drawn to it. I've half way jumped into journaling and trying to find what fits.

  22. My girls love to play mermaid (and dolphin and whale) and I love watching them...

    What a nice post, and what wonderful wisdom you've shared--

  23. I adore your mermaid, as well as the story about little girls playing mermaid. I got such a visual impression of that. Your garden is lovely too. Thank you for sharing.


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