Monday, May 7, 2012


I created this based on a challenge from The Scrapbook Nook -- "Make a layout, card, art journal, anything your heart desires and make it “shine” like a star. Give it that Hollywood glamor using glitter and metallics."  Rather than reference Hollywood, I was inspired by my daughter Samy, whose natural exuberance and ebullient personality brings smiles to everyone she meets.  This girl jumping in the air is how I see her -- stretching her arms out and embracing the world.  She is a shining star every day.

Materials used: acrylic, stencils (Balzer Designs and ones I made),  Sakura glitter pens, H2O metallic paints & newsprint.

Here's a video of her singing.  I hope you can see her personality shine through!


  1. Wow.. she's great. I love that song.. I used to sing that as a kid (mind you, not very well.)

    1. wow - just going back in my blog and see that you commented way back when!


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