Thursday, May 3, 2012

Growing Things

Today I finished inspirational words.  As a greeting card designer, I am always working on seasonal designs 6 months ahead - and so I'm beginning work on Christmas!  Sometimes it's hard to be motivated for Christmas in the spring, or Valentine's Day in the summer, but in other ways, it's nice to think about blessings and love any time of year...  So this was done with pitt pens and Sakura glaze pens.  Then, in photoshop, I overlayed it on a watercolor wash I did separately that I have saved to use as a background.  I added a glow around the words and doodles to make them pop a little.  I'm happy with how it turned out. 

Yesterday I stopped at Michael's on the way home to exchange a tape runner, and, of course, couldn't resist buying some stamps and stencils to play with.  So here's the beginning of a new journal spread, using some of my new toys.  I gessoed the pages first, and then scraped orange and red acrylic paint around with the side of an expired credit card.  I used a baby wipe to clean some of the paint away over Balzer Designs' chicken wire stencil.  Then I stamped the four leaf flowers using gesso to give texture.  I glued some old India stamps along the right edge, and used another stamp to do the circles on the bottom right.  I added some oil pastel streaks on the right side too.

I had paint left over, and so, again inspired by Julie Fei Fan Balzer, I stamped some more on some scraps from old manilla files I cut up and kept to use as tags.  I let paint drip around them as well, and did some splattering!  I know these will come in handy for something.
PS:  Here is what I did with the right hand half of the journal spread:

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