Sunday, April 29, 2012

Who Really Knows?

Tonight I went to an amazing performance called "Painting a Song," a collaboration between artist Jennifer Levine  and musician Scott Massarsky, where Scott plays and Jennifer paints.  It was very inspiring and gave me the juice to finish this piece, called "Who Really Knows?  It is inspired by recent events in a community I love.  There are a lot of questions, judgements and conclusions flying around.  But really, who knows? All I know is to be open and live each day with all the love I have.

This started as a layer of old dictionary pages and newsprint, covered by a wash of acrylic.  Then some stenciling, more collaging, painting, scribbling, until something inside of me said, it's done.

Dedicated to Lama Christie and Ian Thorson and to their families and friends.  Please continue to teach me always.

And here's the same design with a different saying.  In the comments, please give me feedback on which saying best fits the artwork.  Thanks!

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