Tuesday, November 1, 2016

How I Find Angels and Two Video Tutorials

Before I get on with this post, I have an exciting announcement.  

I am the designer for this month's Stencil Club stencils.  Hop over to Stencil Girl Talk for the big reveal!

Do you ever use your art to work out your feelings about the world?
In and Out of the World, featuring the Medieval Leaves Stencil
Many of my art journal spreadstags and paintings contain angels.

I don't always start off painting an angel, but one often appears when I am feeling particularly moved by a situation in the world.

It's my subconscious way of sending a prayer to refugees, victims of floods and earthquakes, or the people living in a state of constant terror and turmoil in Syria.

These are two paintings I recently completed.

They are both on 8 x 8" cradled wood board and are $145, including shipping anywhere in the world.  Just message me if you'd like one.  UPDATE: Four Angels is sold as of 9:58 AM! 
Four Angels, featuring the Paisley Flower Motif Stencil and the 9/16 Stencil Club Stencils
I filmed some of my process to show you one of the ways I work.  

I divided the video into two parts - creating the background, and manifesting the angels.

Here's Part I:

Here's Part II:

You can also watch Manifesting Angels on YouTube.

And don't forget to hop over to Stencil Girl Talk for the big reveal of this month's stencils!! 

         Visit Stencil Girl Products and RubberMoon Stamps to see all my designs!

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  1. Congrats! Will be checking out StencilGirl! THese are so pretty!

  2. What a talented mind, eye and hand you have. Love the two videos and how the angels emerged. Bravo

  3. Absolutely beautiful. I love your angels and how you do backgrounds. The letting go is a bit unsettling when I love your initial collage. I love that you overcome that and make such beautiful art. I could not have guessed that this months stencils were yours and usually I can. Love them so so much.

  4. How utterly delightful your finish canvas is, just lovely. x

  5. Fabulous! It's wonderful to see how you worked through the process to come up with the final product. Such a talent you have!!!


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