Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Why Art is Good for the Brain and Soul

Some of us make art because we HAVE to.  But even if you're not compelled by some energy buried deep inside of you, making art, playing with color and shapes, is good for you.  It stimulates parts of your spirit and brain that may not have been touched in a long time.

Recently, I collected some leaves while walking my dog.  The colors and shapes touched me deeply.  While admiring nature's canvas, I "received" a lesson from these leaves on the ground... they knew when to fall.  They didn't hang on.  They let go.  Just when they were at their most beautiful, they released.

They had profound wisdom to share with me.

When I came home, I thought about painting with the leaves.  Instead, I started playing on my GelliArts Gel Printing Plate, using the leaves as masks.  I made many prints.  And then I pulled out some favorite Stencil Girl leaf stencils and started over stenciling on my prints.  On one of them, I saw a head and hand behind Terri Stegmiller's Curvy Stems.  I traced it out with white chalk - can you see it? (Looks a little bit like E.T.!)  I had to "bring her out."

here's how she progressed.

And here she is, finished.  Around her head are marks from a border stencil by Pam Carriker  and around her neck are marks from Stencil Club Stencils.   She holds her hand up to feel the wind and catch the wisdom of the leaves. She will remind me when it is the right time to let go.

So make some art - collect pretty things from nature and use them as inspiration to make pretty marks and patterns.  See what ideas they spark in your brain, and what emotions they spark in your soul.  Here's a link to 20 Different Crafts with Fall Leaves.


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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed your post and the evolution of your art. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Many thanks! I truly appreciate your kind words.

  2. What a wonderful way of thinking of leaves and your work is lovely.

  3. It's always good, this making and creative energy. Love this colorful fruitful blossoming. xox

  4. I love how your walk progressed into such a beautiful canvas Jessica!
    Just lovely!

  5. I just did a page inspired by a walk in the fall leaves as well! So different (used different mediums) yet the page was about the same theme - letting go! I even wrote about letting go on the page. Love that synchronicity, and your beautiful woman.


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