Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I teach an art journaling class at my daughter's school, and it's so much fun.  Each week we do a different page with a different technique.  This week, I was inspired to create my own collage by a great post from Marcia Beckett on making painted paper mosaics, and share this with my students.   Here's the example Marcia shared on her blog, with a great step-by-step tutorial:
Last week, the kids scraped paint onto old book pages with credit cards and then stamped the pages to create collage paper.  We used that paper on a black background to create Halloween themed journal pages:
Samy shows her Halloween page.
I also used these papers to make my response to the Fall Fearless & Fly 3rd challenge.  

We had lots of scraps of paper left over.  To supplement, I brought paper from my stash - an old NJ map, some red paper from last year's Chinese New Year celebration, and other scraps from the same color family we had used last week.  Here are some pictures of the kids at work and what they made: 
Sage, adding her pieces.
Samy and Anna show off their pages.
Gabrielle likes to rip, not cut.
Hazel thought hers looked like a treasure map!  I agree.
We only have one hour, and they had barely complete cutting and gluing the paper down.  So their "homework" is to doodle around the cuttings, or journal around them.  Can't wait to see what they bring in next week!  Thank you Marcia for the great inspiration. 

So a little Hurricane Sandy update:  Over 1700 homes in my little town are still without power.  And it's snowing!  Really??  Here are some pictures I just took:

It just doesn't seem fair.  But in the midst of all this weather, a cause for celebration!  Our foster son, Codie, and his wife Georgia welcomed their son, Corey Daniel, into the world.  Here's Samy with Codie -- home to get some rest after being up all night at the hospital, and a picture of Corey - 9 lbs. 10 oz!  Welcome to the world little guy!  Can't wait to meet you tomorrow!
A great reminder that in times of turmoil, there's always something to celebrate.  Another thing -- today is Freddie and my 13th wedding anniversary.  Happy anniversary honey! 

What are you celebrating today?

Thank you so much for visiting.  I look forward to your comments; I treasure each and every one.  
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  1. Oh wow! That's amazing. Your post totally made my day!

  2. And congratulations on your new arrival and your anniversary. Good things to celebrate!

  3. Congratulations on your anniversary! And the new bundle of joy :). TOTALLY LOVE this paper mosaic pages!, so talented kids :). Sending my love to all affected by the storm.

  4. Great technique! looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing! And congrats on the anniversary and the newborn!

  5. Great mosaic pages. The kids are very talented. Congrats on the new bundle. Happy Anniversary to you and Freddie... and enough of this bad weather already. Looks like what we got the same here. I am celebrating just being in my warm home and hope that others suffering will get back to a normal life soon.

  6. Happy Anniversary! And oh what a sweet new baby.... you've made me smile with this happy post today. Kudos for sharing your art journaling talents with the kids... bring them over to the dark side!

  7. Happy Anniversary, new babies, how exciting and that class, well you took Marcia's tutorial and ran the marathon with it. Great stuff. xox

  8. Aw, happy anniversary! And congrats to Codey & Georgia!

    The kids' journal pages look awesome too. You must be such an inspiration to them.

  9. Lots to celebrate, Jessica! Congratulations on your new grandson and your wedding anniversary! Don't you just love teaching art journaling? It's one of my very favorite activities. I'm glad you're teaching children and getting them on the creative path early! ♥


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