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Fall Fearless & Fly Challenge 3

It's Challenge #3 for Fall Fearless & Fly over at Artists in Blogland.   Jane Davies is the guest artist for this third challenge and her work is amazing.  Plus, we have a prize of 6 Dylusions Ink Sprays donated by Ranger!  So hop on over!

Here are the 3 parts of the challenge, and links are due in two weeks - November 11:

Headline Prompt:  Triumphs and Defeats:  What do you see as your greatest triumphs or defeats?  What have they taught you?  Which have you learned more from?
Color Prompt: 
Black and white
Quote Prompt:
Not in the clamor of the crowded street, not in the shouts and plaudits of the throng, but in ourselves, are triumph and defeat.  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 

This challenge made me think a lot about how most of my "triumphs" have been a direct result of some of my greatest "defeats."  I put these in quotes because life is a continuum.  Just like you never step in the same river twice, I don't think there are moments in life that can be designated as wins or a losses. 

The ending of my first marriage definitely felt like quite a failure, or defeat, for me.  But it began a journey that led to a very happy marriage and a second child.   When I was working as a lawyer, there came a point where I was told I would not make partner; this felt like a defeat.  But out of that was born an art career, running a local community theater group, and being able to be home with my first child - which was one of the most rewarding experiences I've ever had.  So who can say which of these experiences was a triumph or a defeat?

I think Henry Wadsworth Longfellow had it right -- triumph and defeat are not "out there," they are inside us.  Here are my finished pages.  I also tried to stick with the black and white as much as possible -- not easy for this lover of color!

And the winner of this watercolor:

is Dawn who wrote: Your watercolor is beautiful and I would be honored to win it!! I have liked your facebook page and am following your blog also. If you had a button I'd add it to my blog too! (Hint, hint)  I am also very excited about the second challenge. I have just taken a big leap of faith in beginning my art career and I have many thoughts that deserves an artistic home.

Dawn, I am working on a blog button!  In the meantime, please send your address to corspokoli(at)gmail(dot)com, and I will get this painting right out to you!

Leave me a comment below indicating that you would like to win one of my original paintings, and on November 11, I will pick a random winner for this 7 x 10" watercolor!  (Follow my blog and/or like my facebook page for extra chances and let me know in your comment.)  This is such a fun way to find good homes for my paintings.

Thank you for visiting, and can't wait to see what you do for Fall Fearless & Fly!

If you are so moved, please leave a comment. Hearing from you means the world to me.

Linking up to Artists in Blogland, Mandarin Orange Monday, Inspire Me Monday, and Creative Everyday. 
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  1. Oooooh, I REALLY like this Challenge # 3 set of prompts, and I love your thoughts and feelings on it. Beautiful. Sensitive. My mind is thinking, thinking now. Your painting is gorgeous and colorfully beautiful and joyous. I love it.

    1. Thanks! It really made me think. Can't wait to see what you do.

  2. These are wonderful! I am really drawn to the flower with the swirly stem! Happy Fall Fearless and Fly. Hope the storm doesn't give you any trouble.

  3. Love the comment about the flower and the seed. As you noted, so often what seems like a defeat can lead to a triumph. It really is more about our attitude towards what life throws at us. It would give me great *joy* to give your lovely watercolour a home :)

  4. I believe that windows do open when doors close. I love the black and what you did with the contrasts of colors. The ripped edges are great. Stay safe during the storm.

  5. "When one door closes God opens a window"...something like that is going through my mind because of reading your post. I notice Judy Shea also said something similar. I like the quote for this challenge (#3) because I truly believe it, triumphs and defeats are within ourselves, it's what we think or feel about ourselves that defines us and our own world. It's been said so many times by artists in blogland, "just believe you can do it and go for it." Jessica you've made me think...about things that are challenging me right now. Thanks for the opportunity to be fearless. I would love to win one of your paintings too!

  6. Lovely page & I found your thoughts on triumphs & defeats really thought provoking.
    I too would love to win your joyful painting!
    I have "liked" your FB page & follow your blog too!

  7. What an amazing page Jessica, it just makes me want to jump up and down with joy at what a full life can bring! Life is all because of the defeats and triumphs that balance each other out. xox

  8. WOW - so creative! Thanks for sharing. Joining from Inspire Me Monday -

  9. I found your thoughts on triumphs and defeats really thought provoking.I believe all artists are their own worst enemies. Your colorful art is inspiring :-)

  10. Jessica, your pages are beautiful. I'm glad you added the color. Your experience is repeated in different ways but probably in each of our lives. What looks bad turns out to have a positive outcome.

  11. Love what you did with this challenge Jessica--especially the wording you added to your projects. The color just makes it "pop"!

  12. What an awesome page. Just an explosion of color (in the best possible way)!

  13. Jessica your post is always inspiring and beautiful. Your art journal is just breathtaking as is filled with wisdom and hope. And it's true that we are not defeated simply because we fail but we win by not giving up on life.

  14. I would so love to win your watercolor. So colorful and joyful and makes any home the added inspiration. I have liked your page previously! :)

  15. Beautiful colors. I love how you accent with the white. BTW I printed out your gorgeous watercolor leaves on glossy photo paper and took the sheet to the nursing home for the crafts activities. One resident did the cutting out for the others who aren't able to cut. We so enjoyed using the leaves. Everyone was so in awe with their beauty.

  16. This challenge really made me think!

    I do truly believe as one door closes another one opens.

    I love your art and the added colour!


  17. i love the bold black background and then vibrant colours it works so well. i would love to win one of your piece of artwork. x

  18. Congratulations dawn-lucky you! This is just another piece of your delightful style Jessica! I'm glad you added the color :)

  19. as others have said, this challenge was quite the brain twister! I love your paintings and they are definately triumphs you can be proud of!

  20. Jessica, You really clarified the thought of how things we believe at the time are bad for us, actually open doors to something better. I was intrigued about how you spaced the words in empty areas not necessarily in a straight line, which I guess also shows how life progresses!

  21. OOPs I forgot, I would love one of your paintings!

  22. i love how you used black and white as the core colors but branched out from there. the color really pops against the black background!

  23. BEAUTIFUL!! I love these pages on the black background, they really stand out!

    Would I like to win one of your paintings? Hell yeah!!

  24. ps and now I'm a follower too :)

  25. I really love your pages for this challenge. What a deep topic, you have had some defeats but they have certainly turned to wonderful triumphs in your life! I love how you incorporated black and white and color into your piece, I too am a lover of color but you did a great job here! This in itself is a triumph!
    Hugs and blessings


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