Tuesday, May 30, 2017

How To: See the Divine in Everything

Stencil Girl recently released seven new designs of mine! Over the next few weeks, I will be showing you how I used them.

Today, I'm sharing the Love is for Everyone Script, and See the Divine in Everything stencils, that were inspired by insights I've had in meditation.

I designed them so that you could mix and match the words to make different phrases, besides the obvious, such as:
everything is Divine
I am Divine
I see the Divine
Love is Divine
Love is meant to lift us up
lift up out of the darkness
see Love in the darkness
I am in Love 
Love is everything
lift up the Divine in everything
Love everyone and everything
lift everyone up in Love

You get the idea! I am sure there are many more!
Of course, you can also use each stencil on its own, like this:

I hope my videos and tutorials spark your creativity. If you use any of my stencils or stamps, or are inspired by techniques I share, please let me know so I can feature you!

Your comments make me so happy and let me know you were here. I read and treasure every comment and will happily answer any questions as soon as I can.

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  1. Your colors were luscious and your easy-peasy techniques make me want to run to my studio !
    As always Jessica, I love your video's ....thanks for sharing !! Joan

  2. These are fabulous new stencils Jessica! Congratulations!! I love how you have used these and the way you have given a soft look to these pieces-beautiful,happy colors and Beautifully done!

  3. Wonderful post and video! I love the colors you put into this and the way you softened them. I love everything about this.

  4. LOVE this one. Those colors. I've been loving the pinks lately. Love your new stencils.

  5. I love the colors and how you completed the layers! I have to try something like this!!

  6. I love these stencils - definitely going on my list! Love seeing how you use them! Chrisx

  7. Beautiful painting and saying. Hugs


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