Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Door Play

I've been playing with my Doors & Windows stencil from Stencil Girl.  On the gelli plate, in my art journal, on tags... and I wanted to share some of that "door play" with you!  (Ah I love a good pun!)

In this spread in my art journal, I stenciled one of the doors over and over again on top of different gelli prints.  Then I stained them using a mixture of fluid acrylics and glazing medium.  There's something about the repetition of the same image, but in different colors, that is very pleasing to my eye.  On the left of the left side of the spread, you can also see one of the borders from my borders stencil.  The words "go, seek, find" are from Carolyn Dube's Uplifting Words stencil.  

This art journal page is a mix of collage and stenciling.  For the background, I used Cecilia Swatton's Trivet a Stencil.  You can also see her beautiful Ginko Leaves stencil.   I used the Hands stencil to illustrate reaching to open the right door.  This page is a reminder that it is not so much which door we choose, but what we do when we go through it.

The Doors and Windows Stencil is very handy for creating tags to send to people or attach to gifts.  I have created lots of "happy mail" with them!

Another great way to use Doors and Windows is to create niches and openings.  Here's a look back at a video I created using the stencil to create a niche in an altered book:

I'll be teaching an altered book workshop at Art-Is-You Mixed Media Retreats in Stamford in October.  I'll have all my stencils with me for you to use.  Registration is closing soon for these workshops, so check out my classes, and all the other great offerings.  If you've never been to an Art is You Retreat, they are absolutely fantastic - loving, supportive, inspiring, and freeing.  It will be an experience you treasure forever.

To see how other artists used the Doors & Windows Stencil, hop to the Doors & Windows test drive I organized when the stencil was first released.

Your comments make me so happy and let me know you were here. I read and treasure every comment and will happily answer any questions as soon as I can.

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  1. Thanks, Jessica, for including my Gingko stencil in the line-up you used to create this intriguing artwork -- gorgeous stuff! And thanks for sharing that video on Facebook -- more people need to recognize that indeed yes, the media has an agenda; and it would do well for all of us to take the time to seek truth rather than simply swallow whatever is spoon-fed to us.

  2. Beautiful art! You brought those doors and windows to life.

  3. You inspire me spiritually and artistically. Thank You.

  4. What a fun video- I wa laughing at your boots and sprinkles doing their photo bombs! heehee
    Love those tags to use on gifts- what a great idea Jessica! Beautiful art my friend!

  5. The doors stencil is one of my all-time faves. Great seeing all you've done with them here!

  6. It is such a great stencil like Marjie says...You are the best stencil designer I know. xox


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