Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Frida's Going Around the World

I recently signed up for a circle journal collaboration organized by the lovely Tracy Woodsford.
There are 7 of us spread out over 5 different countries!  We each had to create a journal (8 x 10 or smaller) and this month they will embark on their journeys!

We each picked themes for our journals.  Mine is "Exploring the Inner and Outer."

I made front and back covers from cardboard.  I painted the cardboard black, and used metallic paint to stencil with my Hebrew Calligraphy stencil.  Then I mixed fluid acrylics and glazing medium to tint the stenciling.  (This is the same technique I used to make these trades for Art is You next month.) 

I was a little stuck about what to do next, until I received the gorgeous stencils Pam Carriker designed  for Stencil Girl's September Stencil Club!  They are of, and inspired by, Frida Kahlo.  And her whole body of artwork was inspired by exploring her inner and outer worlds.  Serendipity!

I found a profile picture of Frida, and created a silhoutte. 

I rubbed around the mask with a mix of gesso, glazing medium and yellow paint, and then scribbled some of my thoughts about being part of this circle journal.  I've never participated in anything like this and I'm very excited!  

I  mixed Modeling paste and different colors of red and yellow for the roses in her hair.

Inside the front cover, I created a random pattern using the leaves Pam designed. 

Inside the back cover, I stenciled Frida surrounded by the roses she loved so much.

I used duct tape for the spine.  Inspired by Carolyn Dube's class, Transform Your Tape, I stenciled the tape with my dots and dashes stencil.  I created one folio with sheets of watercolor paper bound with a simple pamphlet stitch.  I used the Hebrew Calligraphy and Hamsa stencil to add interest on the back cover. 
I am so happy that the September Stencil Club stencils arrived in the nick of time and inspired my handmade journal!  

And ... I am the designer for October's stencils for Stencil Club!  They are inspired by my yoga and meditation practices and I think you're going to love them.  They are exclusive to Stencil Club members and there's still time to sign up!  Stay tuned for some sneak peeks!
Tomorrow, this journal will travel to California, to artist Susan Jane.  Bon voyage Frida!

Linking to the challenges at Anything But a Card (hit the Books),  Mix it Monthly (hope it's ok that I was inspired by Frida and not Da Vinci!),  Tuesday Taggers (Make Your Flowers - hope my  Modeling paste roses count!),  Frilly and Funky (Anything Goes!).

Linking also to my favorite Friday hops: Paint Party Friday and Art Journal Every Day.

Your comments make me so happy and let me know you were here. I read and treasure every comment and will happily answer any questions as soon as I can.

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  1. What an amazing journal! You did a wonderful job making and decorating it. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Can't wait until it gets to me at the end of October!

  3. ohhhh Jessica ... that journal is amazing and delightful! That roses stencil around Frida just grabbed my eye and heart. <3 it ! How exciting and fun for that journal's adventure!

  4. Wow I love the profile look of Frida...what a great idea and so rich textured....what a gorgeous journal to create in :) Thank you for taking part again on Mix It Monthly :) Frida is very prepossessing I admit ;) ♥ Conny

  5. What a stunning journal Jessica, you rock!! I hope you enjoy your circle journal experience my lovely, lol I'm doing one with a group of friends at the moment too (UK based) and we have all decided to do one more round (2 done already) as we don't want the fun to end, sigh!! Tee hee luckily I bound all the books with plenty of pages, phew.
    Huge hugs x

  6. Just so cool!! Love your pages. I stumbled upon your blog and LOVE it!! Can't wait to read lots of your back posts. Yay! New found stencil inspiration:)


  7. Woohoo this is just gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xox

  8. You pack a punch, Jessica. Great, great.

  9. How wonderful! Your collaborative artists will be thrilled, no doubt. Totally gorgeous!

  10. Your book is lovely and I'm excited for you getting to send it around the world. I have a local altered book club and I get to see what the talented artists do every month to my book and it is always exciting to see the work they put into it. So I know you will have a treasure when you get it back!

  11. Thanks for making Frida look beautiful.

  12. Your book is awesome! Can't wait for your new stencils in Stencil Club!

  13. Just wanted to let you know here as well, how stunning I think your book is. Beautiful work, can't wait to hold it in my own hands =)
    xx Monique

  14. Wow,your juornal with frida its amazing,beautiful colors and textures.

    XXX Jeannette

  15. Bravo! You did an outstanding job with your art journal cover, and hope you share your friends' contributions to it when you get it back. Blessings!

  16. That looks so beautiful, as I told you as well in the other blog...
    I really would like to know how you have bound it.
    Best, Beate

    1. Hi - I bound it with a pamphlet stitch using waxed linen thread. Because I used duct tape to make the spine, it was easy to sew through it.

  17. Wonderful work, thanks for playing along at TIOT! Valerie

  18. I love this! I am becoming very inspired and hope to make an art journal too!


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