Saturday, January 19, 2013

Rocking My World

If God is the DJ, then Life is the dance floor; Love is the rhythm, and You are the music.~ Pink 

A little roundup of what's been rocking my world this week...


I love to teach.  I have had so much fun teaching mixed media at my daughter's school.  Here are some pictures from a found poetry project we did based on my sample above.

1.  I gave kids 4 - 5 pages from various old books and told them to cut out words that "called" to them.
2.  I had them paint/stencil on black gesso'd playing cards (pre-pared by me at home) (thank you Seth Apter for this technique!)
3.  While the cards were drying, I asked them to make a poem out of their words.  They didn't have to use all of them. 
4.  They collaged their "found poems" on the cards.
5. They decorated them with washi tape and gel pens.
6.  They sealed them with glazing medium.
 Here are some of their fabulous creations!

One Little Word Journals:

I made a journal for myself using my word for 2013.

Last night, I taught a class at my local craft store, Rock*Paper*Scissors and our project was making a journal like this.  Some of the women picked one word to take them through the year, others had many different words.  One woman just dedicated all the pages to collages about family.

It was really fun.  I'm happy to say that several people immediately signed up for my upcoming class - ABC's of art journaling!

Seems like a lot of people I know are getting into teaching!  Check out what's upcoming from the fabulous Marjie Kemper and Judy Shea - both teaching exciting classes in 2013.

Gelli Plate Art Envelopes:

Carolyn Dube is quickly becoming an expert in all things Gelli Plate related!  Check out this cool post and video tutorial by Carolyn about how to transform your prints (and I know you have lots of them!) into envelopes!

And by the way, Carolyn will be hosting her fabulous Gelli Plate Party on her blog EVERY MONTH starting February 1!

Generous Hearts and Hands:

The generous spirits in the art community rock my world!  Check out this cool art auction that Kristin and Eva at Paint Party Friday are spearheading to benefit the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School. 

Creative Jumpstart:

Speaking of generosity, have you been participating in the Creative Jumpstart hosted by Nathalie Kalbach?  She has put together a stream of technique videos by amazing artists that air every day in January -- and all for free!  All Nat asks for is a donation.  I sent $25 and I hope everyone watching them has donated something.  I can't imagine all the work and time it has taken for Nat to organize this.  And Nathalie still had time to do an amazing piece for Fall Fearless and Fly (you have until 1/28 to link up to it!!)  Nathalie - you rock my world!

What's been rocking your world this week?   Are you teaching anywhere or have you come across a fabulous post?  Share the love! 

Thank you for visiting! I read and treasure every comment and will answer any questions as quickly as I can.
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  1. I so enjoyed visiting your blog. The children's playing card art is phenomenal. You are a super teacher, I can tell.xx

  2. What fun to visit your blog. Thanks for sharing with us! Great ideas.

  3. Wonderful activities going on in your world. Your class sounds like fun. I absolutely love your journals.

  4. These are all fabulous idea and I love what you've done. :) I can tell by the photos you enjoy teaching.

  5. You are rocking my world with this your kids journal cards and your book. Nathalie does rock for all her hard work and I followed your lead on that one, she deserves those donations...Gelli party with friends today including Ms Judy so I will be posting pics of the messy creative chaos later. xox

  6. I could feel your teaching joy as I read this post! The kids artwork is fantastic! Thanks for the shout out! I too was impressed by all the work Nathalie did for the Jumpstart and I sent her a donation. What I love the art community is its generosity and kindness- so glad we have art!

  7. You brought me back to the wonderful memories of teaching art classes at my kids school when they were little :) Nothing better than that excitement! Love your embrace journal! I'm enjoying Jumpstart again too!

  8. Jessica,I came back to this post because I wanted you to know that these kids will NEVER forget what you are doing for them. When they get older, the will say "I loved the woman who taught about journaling.. what was her name... oh ha.. Mrs. Sporn". Kids dont' forget that.. I still remember my art teacher, Mrs. Wong, who came in every Tuesday in elementary school.


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