Sunday, November 18, 2012

Caterpillars Into Butterflies

One thing I love about teaching art to kids is how quickly they jump in and embrace the project.  They don't think too much or plan, even when you want them to!  I just finished a session of art journaling at Samy's school, and have really enjoyed watching my little caterpillars morph into mixed media butterflies!  I hope I have given them enough tools for their journeys!  For our last class, we made journal jars based on this article in Cloth Paper Scissors. 

I had my students bring in clear recycled jars.  They decorated them with Sharpies (I found that they work best) and washi tape.  Then they wrote quotes on scraps of paper,  folded them up and put them in their jars for future journal prompts. 

Here are some of the kids with their jars and their favorite journal pages:


Ada's Cover

Gabriell's dance page
Hazel's collage
Sam's sunny spread

I'm so proud of these kids!  Now to plan 8 new projects...  (suggestions welcome!!)

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  1. First of all - I LOVE your quote page! It's so colorful and beautiful! Second of all - How COOL that you are teaching art journaling to kids! That is absolutely fantastic! I love their happy faces in the photos!

    1. Thanks Michelle! I love teaching this class. It inspires me, as much as I hope it inspires them.

  2. I can feel the energy in that room. What happy artists you get to create with! Love your page today, too. Very inspirational!

  3. I love this reference of the kids and butterflies. Perfect. They look happy. My art teacher in elementary school was Miss Wong.. she never smiled.. never. "childen, childen, come get you paste now". But, I still enjoyed art day. The kids must love when you come to the classroom and Samy must be so proud of you. This page is freaking beautiful.

    1. Samy IS proud, although I think she's prefer to teach the class herself!

  4. I can tell by the smiles on their faces and the smile of your post that you truly love working with the children and inspiring them-a beautiful thing.Thanks for sharing :)

  5. It is such a wonderful feeling watching children make art with no inhibitions or doubts like us older versions! I love the idea of the art journaling jar and will have to join in and make one myself. Thanks!

  6. nice work and what a satisfying experience for the children.

  7. I like your page and choice of quote very much:)
    The kids really must have gained a lot from those experiences...and you too probably! I really like Sam's Sunny Spread too.
    Thanks again for being part of Mandarin Orange Monday:)


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