Sunday, October 14, 2012

Why Not Today?

Just a thought...

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How will you seize the day?


  1. Today I will either work on a new art journal...a smaller one that I can take with me everywhere...or I may venture out on a photo field trip...I definitely know I will make a pumpkin cake ;) I love the colors here...I need to practice with lettering...this helps give me ideas. Thanks.

  2. fabulous colours and love the journalling. x

  3. Wise words! And I love the warm colours. Fits the season.

  4. Your words say what the frustrating part of life is for me, why not today? The answer is usually something like, "because I can't fit it all in, because there's too much work I have to do". But, on the positive side, I also believe in Step by Step! So, today, a little bit is something. Great page with awesome doodling and lettering! Love it!

    1. Thanks Kathy - I went back on your blog and read about your accident. So glad you are healing and have been able to make sense of it all with your beautiful journaling.

  5. I have seen your link at Artists in Blogland. So i'm visiting your blog now. I love the journaling above and the colors are great! Greetings, Anneke

  6. Why not today, indeed?! Lovely spread - fabulous colours, inspirational words.

  7. I saw this this morning and took your advice and had a wonderful painting session. Just saying.....thanks for the inspiration. xox

  8. I recently made a pendant for myself that reads "Now or Never"...It's how I have been feeling lately...So yes,Why not today!!
    Wonderful meeting you at Art is you!!

  9. Another lovely page and great advice. My art took a back seat this weekend, but I did culinary art instead.. cooking, baking.. ugh.. Girls at back at college so I'll definitely sneak some time in this week. So, I'll say "if not this week then when, Judy, when?"

  10. Jessica, this is so sparkly and beautiful! Love the way you use colours!


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