Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Art is You Mixed Media 2015 Recap Part 2

Last week, I shared the amazing work by my students at Art is You Mixed Media Retreats.  I thought I'd share the evolution of my demo painting in today's post.

Here's how the piece looked at the end of the class.  I had demo'd abstract line and color work, silhouette making, gelli printing and more.  (You can see images from my Hebrew Calligraphy and Namaste stencils, as well as icons from Mary Beth Shaw's Flower Tile Stencils.)

I came home to a messy worktable.  Inspired by this video by Denise Alloca, I started ripping shapes from the newsprint on my table, which had images from my Medallions stencil on it,  into impressionist silhouettes of people.  I added them to my canvas.  Then, I decided to add faces and wings to them.

The piece continued to evolve...

and here it is, finished. The stencils most obviously apparent are the Namaste , and Hebrew Calligraphy stencils from Stencil Girl.

This piece is on a 12 x 12 canvas board,.  The original is available for purchase (without the watermark of course) for $195.  A 13 x 13 Canvas Print is available on Society 6 for $85.  

This is a process I am calling the "Yes, And..." approach to art making.  

"Yes, And" is an improv technique used in acting classes.  It’s an exercise that allows for anything to happen, and it goes like this: No matter what your fellow actors present to you, instead of negating it, belittling it, or disagreeing with it, you say, “Yes, and…”  You accept the scenario as it’s presented to you (regardless of where you wanted it to go), and then to add to it.  (You can hear Julie Balzer and me talk about it in this podcast.)   This approach is evident in this canvas, where the torn pieces of paper on my worktable took me somewhere completely different.  Though it's no surprise, as I've been seeing angels everywhere! 

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  1. Lovely and complex work. Love it when the materials speak. xox

    1. Thank you sweet Corrine. Yes - I'm trusting that more and more.

  2. Gorgeous! I LOVE the angels, and for which they stand!

  3. This is stunning! I have to say it is even more stunning in person. Isn't it amazing how the work speaks to you to let you know to keep going! Thank you so much Jessica!

  4. Jessica, this is very beautiful and seems healing. Love it.


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