Thursday, August 15, 2013

I Want....

I have two posts today!  Click here for Wisdom and Grace, my guest post for Stencil Girl Talk.

Today's "word up" at One Little Word is Want.

This word brought up the longing to know the unknown.  I have previously written about Joe Collins, the founder of From Houses to Homes (the wonderful organization we volunteer with in Guatemala).  Joe died recently of colon cancer.  Joe was truly a "holy man." in my eyes.  His purpose in life was to make a better world for the children in the highlands of Guatemala, and his every action was weighed against that mission.

I thought about all of the questions that death brings up -- the longing, the wanting, to know why -- as I altered this book.

I started by cutting a niche and decoupaging book pages around it.

I added music pages, and stamps that represent traveling, to represent his journey. 

Around the niche, I spread Wendy Vecchi's black embossing paste through my frames stencil from Stencil Girl.

In the niche, I put a clay heart that I made, which I wrapped in gauze, the way princes and kings were wrapped in linen in ancient times for their journeys after death.  I wrapped the heart in string, to represent the way Joe had tied his heart to the children of Guatemala.

I created a "found poem" with words from the book pages I had removed from the book:
through the twilight
into the distance
an uncontrollable desire
to see
the other side.
Inside the book, I used one of Pam Carriker's stamps to create an angel to watch over Joe's journey.   I also printed out and pasted one of my favorite poems: Rendezvous by Robert Hillyer.  I read it when I was a teenager, and it has stayed with me ever since.

I surrounded the angel with another frame from the frames stencil, and surrounded the poem with hands from my new Hands stencil. 

Another hand - reaching, wanting, longing -- is on the back cover.

"Or, since our spirits take off and resume
Their flesh as travelers their cloaks, O tell me where,
In what age and what country you will come,
That I may meet you there."

What does the word "WANT" bring up for you?  I hope you'll create something around it and join us at One Little Word!

Linking to the blog hops at Paint Party Friday and Art Journal Every Day, and to the challenges at Simon Says Stamp (make the cut), and City Crafter (count your blessings).  What an honor and blessing to have had Joe touch my life and my family.  He has left us a beautiful way to give back to a grateful and deserving community.
Joe and Samy have a "stare down" - February 2012
And don't forget to pop over to Stencil Girl Talk to see my tutorial and video!

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  1. A beautiful tribute to a wonderful man! Your artworks is full of love and passion for a life well lived! Sorry for your families loss and the children of Guatemala!! This piece of art is gorgeous...a treasure!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful poem! Your tribute to Joe is a testament to his travelling spirit, a spirit that will continue to do good through others.

    Shine on!

    1. Thank you Kelly. This poem found me when I was 16, after I lost my grandfather. It has spoken to me through many losses and even painfull break ups! Thanks for your visit and kind words.

  3. Beautiful and moving post! Valerie

  4. Beautiful........your love is showings.....xox

  5. WOW amazing work!!! You are so creative :-)Thanks so much for sharing this week at CCCB :-)

  6. You have so beautifully honored Joe's spirit. Indeed, he was a wonderful man, pouring out both his love and his untiring energy to those who needed a hand in creating a better life for their families. I love the poetry you have included here--a great testament to our curiosity! Thank you!

  7. An amazing creation ... beautifully done ... Thank you so much for playing along at CCCB!

  8. Wow, what a beautiful heartfelt post Jessica, I know nothing of him but your description build the picture of an amazing man. Your tribute is stunning, beautifully crafted with such love.
    Hugs x

  9. are such an amazing artist! I always love seeing your pieces. This book is just beautiful and a wonderful tribute to Joe...a selfless man who definitely left his mark on the world...or at least a corner of it in Guatemala. I love how you've altered this book with the niche on the cover. The embossed frame surrounding the heart is stunning. I also love the words you've added to the bottom. The interior of your book is also very moving. The angel guarding that beautiful poem....a lovely piece. Thanks for sharing your art and your heart with us at Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge. <3 Candy

  10. Your book is so moving-especially after reading about the tribute to Joe. I'm sure to have known him was a true blessing.

  11. This was such a wonderful tribute. It is evident how much Joe meant to you. I have followed your trips to Guatemala and I am always touched by all that you do and the wonderful people that you meet. Your artwork was filled with such love and meaning. Thank you for sharing it with us today.

    Thank you also for your comment on my blog today and for taking the time to attach a link to the book. That was so thoughtful and it meant a lot to me.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  12. Gorgeous altered book art. Love the layering and seeing the steps. And a beautiful tribute! Happy PPF!

  13. A beautiful tribute, the book is as rich as his life obviously was. a great loss to all. Love seeing the steps you took.

  14. The word 'want' is the biggest four letter I have ever heard, lol Lovely work Jessica HPPF

  15. Beautiful post and beautiful book - Joe left a lot behind - pieces of his own heart and the light of God

  16. Jessica, you are a wonderful ambassador of all that is Light. I love your page, your book cover and that you included the picture of Joe to honor him and his connection to your family. xox Beautiful!

  17. Fabulous... what a loving tribute in every way.

  18. I found this post truly beautiful, and especially moving as my mum has recently been diagnosed with colon cancer. It's true that finding a way to express the whirl of emotions is beyond difficult, and art is a way for me to work through the complexities in a way which keeps me positive, so that I can support mum. Thank you for your honesty and courage in posting your feelings here for us to share. You're an inspiration. Best wishes -Shroo:)

  19. OMG, the niche is more than fantastic... wonderful and beautiful tribute.
    It is always double sadness when the person that dies, had a mission that helped many.... just too hard to understand :(

  20. Beautiful post and lovely book! <3

  21. Beautiful project, post and inspiration. A wonderful tribute. Love the wrapped heart and all the special details. The found poem is wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing die cut ideas with us this week at Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge!

  22. Absolutely stunning Jessica... I love the detail... the life fragments that you have woven into the pages... truly beautiful...

    Jenny ☻

  23. Full of symbolism and love. It is wonderful that you had such a special mentor in your life.

  24. Love it..... I personally would gain by doing a art journal. Thank you for sharing your work.


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