Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hold The World in Your Heart

On Monday, our house-guests left, after learning that their power had been restored.  I was sad to see them go -- we had a lot of fun!  And I knew that when she came home from school, Samy, my 11 year old, would be sad to find that they had left.  She has such a big heart and an unusual ability to connect with people.  She is truly interested in others, and always wants to help. 

While trying to conserve our gas, I've had loads of time in my studio (if you haven't noticed!).  The other day, I prepped three canvases with various collage papers, including this one:

All of the cool texture on the bottom is from pressing modeling paste through a plastic doily.   This called out to me to be a grassy hill:

Which needed someone to stand on it:

And hold the world in her open heart.

Samy liked it!

What are your favorite ways to create texture in your work?

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  1. wonderful piece and the texture is amazing!!!! well done!!!

  2. such beautiful work and a beautiful daughter with a beautiful spirit!
    Your ability to create texture is something I admire, I have never tried anything like this,my art is boring,just painting what I see, I need to push outside my boundaries and comfort zone, you are an inspiration for me, I just love what you do,

  3. LOVE the heart of this girl/painting!

  4. First of all- Samy is adorable :) I LOVE your canvas and I am just starting to use them...GREAT inspiration from you! Thanks for sharing here!

  5. Beautiful beautiful beautiful - you inspire me so much Jessica! I know where Samy gets her big heart!!!

  6. This is SO awesome!! I've just "discovered" modeling paste and I've used it on my last 2 projects; I'm LOVING the dimension and texture it adds!

  7. That IS Samy. It really shows her heart and soul. As for texture.. oh boy.. that's a loaded question for me. I do love the molding paste with stencils or scraped on to give natural landscape.

  8. So gorgeous, and how blessed to have a child like Samy. She will gain so much from being open to others. I need to have a go at modelling paste now too :)

  9. what a wonderfully uplifting piece Jessica!! I too like using molding paste but I also like using a variety of scraps of handmade papers and bits. I also sometimes add thread/string scraps into either the acrylic I'm painting with or gesso.
    You have such a lovely daughter with a beautiful soul.

  10. Your canvas is darling as is your daughter!! Modeling paste has been on my NEED list for some time now, it's just made it's way closer to the top! Thank you as always for the inspiration!

  11. so vibrant and cheerful...love it! x

  12. Quite nice Jessica, I like what you did to get the texture. All texture appeals to me so all methods get used at one time or another, fabric, spackle, modeling paste, gesso, you name it. I love your woman and her open heart. xox

  13. Great texture and painting and lovely daughter! I like the different coloured boots... My favorite way of making texture is scratching in wet paint, and using fine sand mixed with paint. I have molding paste though and really should start using it more ...

    1. her boots were inspired by the fact that Samy often wears different colored socks!

  14. Wonderful work! You were super inspired when you made this! Patsy


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