Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wednesday Mashup and Vacation Week!

Saturday:  Jersey Shore, Here We Come

Bright and early Saturday morning, we loaded up the car and headed off for our July 4th vacation.  First stop, Jersey Shore. Unsurprisingly, it was slow going in traffic, which gave me the chance to sketch the back of the car in front of us -- thus illustrating the fact that every moment is an opportunity for art!)
We spent a beautiful day at the beach in Spring Lake, where I actually went into the ocean!  Then we drove back home, picked up our dog Boots, and headed to Westchester to our cabin in Pine Lake, which is my idea of heaven on earth.   Sunday was a lovely day with swimming in the lake, and hanging with my girls.
Monday: If You Don't Have Something Nice to Say, Speak As Little As Possible.

On Monday, Samy and I headed to Bob's Furniture store in Yonkers to buy a couch.  We quickly picked one.  (I HATE SHOPPING and always want to get it over with as quickly as possible. So no comparison shopping for me.  Pick it and get it over with is my motto)  We looked forward to paying up, getting back to the bungalow, and enjoying a day at the lake.  However, our salesman was new, and every step of the process took exceedingly long.   Finally, I (discreetly) asked another salesman if he could help, and after 2 1/2 hours (I joke not), we were finally on our way.  I have to admit that throughout the process I was internally impatient, annoyed, and resentful.  But, I have to state that I was outwardly as gracious and patient as possible.  In fact, the salesman thanked me for my kindness when we were leaving!  Even though I did not FEEL patient, I guess I appeared patient.  After all, everyone starts out as a beginner.  Lesson: if you don't feel patient, be silent! 

Tuesday:  I Finally Get to Paint!

I have limited supplies at the bungalow, but I couldn't wait to dig in.  Here's what I created.  I was inspired by the Diva Challenge this week, which was to use a beautiful tangle called Fiore de Pietro, or Peter's Flower.  Rho Densmore created this pattern as a memorial to her brother-in-law, who died unexpectedly in June.  I thought that the words from the song inspiration at Scrapping the Music went beautifully with Rho's tribute to her brother.  The song is "Freedom," and the lyrics are about living each moment to the fullest, because "life is very short; we're here and then we're gone."  Of course, Rho has permission to use this as she sees fit.  The color inspiration is from Summer of Color, week four:  Lemon yellow and strawberry pink.  

Wednesday: Mashup Time!

I have limited supplies in the bungalow (and no scanner, so all these images are from my iphone).  Here's my table and what's on it:  

some Gel pens, watercolor pencils, glue stick, matte medium, gesso, punchhinella, a doily, last summer's magazines, and acrylic outdoor paints I had left over from painting some flower pots.  Here goes:

1.  Scrape on gess over punchinella and doily to create texture.  Glue down some book pages.  Scrape on lime green and turqoise paint and throw down some bits of magazine scraps.  This made me think of... 
an elephant!  So I glued in more book pages to make the shape, added some doodling, and here's my happy elephant!
I had cut out this great picture of Janet Jackson while I was going through the old magazines.  I glued it on the other side of the page, and gessoed over it.  
And Janet became this colorful lady!
I will be sending the elephant and my fearless lady to Paint Party Friday, Artists in Blogland and Creative Every Day -- please go visit all the fabulous art on those sites.  

Wednesday Night - Fireworks! 

Wednesday night we went to Peekskill for the fireworks.  A storm was approaching, and Mother Nature vied with the fireworks for attention.  I caught some of it in this video.  It was SO COOL!

Hope you had a great 4th of July.  

And ... before I forget ... drum roll please... I was Inspiration Avenue's showcase winner last week!  I will be adding the badge to my blog, but you can read all about it here! 

Thank you for visiting! If you are so moved, please leave a comment. Hearing from you means the world to me.


  1. On the challenge piece...a flower within a flower. Your artwork is always so original and lovely!

  2. Your fiore di pietro zia is really beautiful. I wish my art was half as expressive and free as yours (sigh).

  3. A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words. Yours is a thousand plus words! And these extra words that you have sprincled around add much more value to the theme.

  4. What a fireworks show you had! That was a tremendous video you captured.

    I always love your artwork. Keep on sharing! :) Thank you.

  5. All your art is glorious, but the challenge piece takes my breath away. What a wonderful tribute piece.

  6. What a creative week you had at the shore! Lovely!

  7. I love your art journal pages!!!!! I especially LOVE the page you created for STM this week. We always went to the jersey Shore every summer as a kid - we would pack a lunch and stay only for the day, but I loved it anyway!!!!! Your page brought back wonderful memories for me. TFS and for joining us at STM this week!

  8. WOW, these are such awesome art pages, LOVE LOVE THEM!! That elephant is so cute, great colors for him. IT's fun to see the process of how your pages come to be, thanks for including that.

    Sounds like you had a great week, HOORAY!!
    Awesome fireworks, cute sketch of the car, Congrats on the winning award.

  9. i love your style...its so colourful and happy...wonderful inspiration and lovely

  10. Loving all your terrific work. Happy PPF, Annette x

  11. You've been very busy! Love the SOC page in particular :)

  12. Lovely pages! I especially adore your elephant!

  13. Love the page you did for Rho and the Diva's Challenge. It's just beautiful, and I love the colors you worked with. Fantastic!

  14. Love your choice of colors. A beautiful page!

  15. Sigh - your work is so beautiful! I especially love what you did with the scrapping the music song this week! Those colors, and the way you did the lettering - just gorgeous! Thanks for joining us again Jessica!

  16. You made marvelous work and I wish you a very fine and good vacation.
    Lovely greet

  17. Wow! Such a busy week and beautiful work! Your elephant is adorable!

  18. WOW!!. LOVE everything you posted on here. The doodled journal pages are awesome, love your happy elephant :). Great fireworks video with lightnings reply :).

  19. Beautiful ages.. love how you did the Diva's challenge.. that elephant is too cute.. all gorgeous!!

  20. Wow Jessica! You sure know what to do with "limited" supplies! I always look forward to your STM piece! Are those your girls? GORGEOUS!!! Thanks for playing along this challenge at Scrapping the Music!!!


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